$300 Billion And It’s Just The Beginning

Once again our focus points to America’s aging water infrastructure. The article at hand projects that our aging distribution/piping system will require $300 billion over the coming years to maintain our ability to deliver water to consumers. The good news of course, as we learned before, every $1 of investment into water infrastructure results in $4 of overall economic growth. Therefore, if we fix our aging distribution network we will pump $1.2 trillion into the economy.

The article however, doesn’t address the bigger issue, the hidden issue is that years of our industrial civilization have scattered hazardous substances all over our lands. Substances that will eventually find their way into our water supplies, creating new burdens that our aging water treatment systems were simply never designed to treat.

I have called for America to develop a National Water Policy, and now,more than ever, this is crucial and vital to our future health and welfare.