7 Magnificent Water Opportunities For The POTUS

As America struggles for jobs, clean air and water, clean energy and a more sustainable lifestyle nothing says economic growth and well being like new water Infrastructure. At the risk of boring you I will again proclaim that Water.Org can document that every dollar of investment in water infrastructure produces four dollars in associated economic growth. With that said, here are seven tremendous water opportunities for our new President and our nation.

  • Aging Water Treatment Plants – Plants require updating to handle the anticipated increase of contaminants that civilization will generate in the future.
  • Aging Distribution Pipes – New pipes will create construction jobs, eliminate the threats of lead contamination, and eliminate fresh water loss through leaks. Leaks account for as much as 20% of fresh water use in some communities.
  • Tax Credits for Consumer Investments – Let’s stimulate personal investment into home water recycling, conservation and filtration products
  • Academic and Intellectual Investment – Experts document that our educational system is not producing enough professionals trained in water technology to meet the coming demand. Increased education opportunities will translate into new jobs, worldwide for our graduates.
  • Increased Monitoring and Security of our Water Supplies – We don’t like to talk about it, but our water distribution networks represent a great opportunity for deliberate contamination and terrorist type attacks. A contaminated water supply is far more dangerous than any bomb. Through better analytical/monitoring instrumentation and security measures we can make our water safer, more sustainable and generate more economic activity.
  • Increased Reservoir Capacity In California – The Folsom Reservoir recently dumped 40% of it’s accumulated fresh water to prevent the flooding that will occur once the bountiful early winter snows melt into 5.7 trillion gallons of new, fresh water. California has plenty of water, what it doesn’t have is a big enough canteen.
  • The Great Lakes Pipeline – These lakes have enough water to flood the entire US in over 10 feet of water. There is no reason for any US city to be without water. Such a project would rival the Boulder Dam/Lake Meade project and take many years to complete. It would however forever remove the fear of any American going without fresh drinking water.