A Win For Water – Trump Deflates EPA Water Authority

We The People, Not We The Government

As a passionate champion of water I celebrate today President Trump rolling back one of the most destructive pieces of garbage legislation that has ever applied to our Water. Truly, this action is a punch in the mouth to those “Water Grabbers” that I routinely defy.

For some reason, emotional activists believe that the more oversight and restrictions we can place on water, the better. However, when you remove emotion and insert science and fact you will come to realize that the EPA has been an enemy to water and an enemy to the public. In fact, the EPA has been criminal in its over-reaching control of our water.

Do you realize that more than 1,000 municipalities have reported violations of the Clean Water Act? Where was the EPA? What happened in Flint surely amounts to criminality and yet the EPA who is supposed to champion water, let this happen. Just a year ago the EPA dumped 3 million gallons of chromate bearing waste into a tributary of the Colorado River. Did anyone from the EPA face prosecution?

This business that water belongs to the nation is cancer to water and to the individual rights of landowners. There is no greater danger to our water than having a government who has the authority to tell an individual or community how they are to use their water, or worse, to rule in favor of one community over another based on political clout.

I have maintained for some time that The US needs to develop and implement a National Water Policy But let me be clear, I favor a volunteer policy developed by water experts, and not bureaucrats, environmentalists and politicians who have no training in science, water, engineering, or industry.

There is no greater example of EPA/Federal government failure and inability to provide leadership than the tale of Governor Jerry Brown and the water crisis in California. As Brown begs for $billions to help with the flooding that mother nature has caused, one must ask, why didn’t the governor, activists and the EPA water geniuses plan for the ample rainfall that real scientists, like me, always knew would come? For years, misguided activists have been overdosing on the make-believe apocalypse of Climate Change, and America’s water has been mutilated.

Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump is the best friend water has had in a long time. People, not government agencies are best suited to take care of water.