Climate Change Continues To Affect Lake Mead

As you may or may not know, Las Vegas is my favorite place on Earth. I have been watching with great interest the water levels in the magnificent Lake Mead as well as the health of the Colorado River. Integral in this conversation are the proponents of man-made, or Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC). These proponents maintain that the falling levels of Lake Meade, along with the “horrible” drought out West are telltale signs than ACC is hard at work destroying our planet.

I of course, for a variety of sound scientific principles find ACC to be nothing more than a fetish. Understand, this in no way implies that I am not a proponent of better conservation techniques for our precious resource. However, once the hysteria of ACC is put aside what we come to see is that the problems America is having with water are of our own doing.

When we insist on developing areas with known and limited water supplies, it is moronic to blame water shortages on anything but our own irresponsible planning. California had to discharge billions of gallons of fresh water because they did not have adequate storage to catch and hold all the rain and snow that Mother Nature provided over the past 18 months. Whose fault is that?

But hey, don’t let me confuse the issue with facts and science. Let the USGS do it, because according to them, Lake Mead is almost 10 feet higher than it was this time last year. Also, if you look at the “horrible” drought supposedly caused by ACC, you will see that save for some small areas in Florida, the US is not suffering from drought.

Earth delivers rain on its own schedule, not ours. Rain has always  been sporadic across the world. Shame on us if we don’t plan ahead and build collection and storage capacity to meet our known, increasing needs.


2 thoughts on “Climate Change Continues To Affect Lake Mead

  1. Tell me if I am incorrect. When the subject of a water shortage arises,
    I tell people there is not a molecule more or less of water today than from the beginning of the earth. It’s the distribution of water that is the problem. And that distribution problem was created by man who created cities which were not near a water source large enough to handle the growing population.

    1. Glenn, you are 100% correct, with an interesting adder. In terms of potable water, that is to say, water processed by man for drinking purpuses, there is more than ever. But the staple of your reply is accurate. The amount of water on Earth is fixed and can never change. Now, very minor, imperceptible fluctuations occur daily because water evaporates, condenses and is returned as precipitation in a never ending cycle. SOme water is held as ice, and that too, from the dawn of the planet fluctuates.

      You are also correct that the problems with water shortages are man made. As proof, California, on the order of knucklehead Jerry Brown released billions of gallons of fresh water from the Folsom Reservoir because the lack of adequate storage capacity could not handle the abundant rain and snowfall, that, as you know, eliminated the California drought. Now, if California leaders were smart, knowing that as the song laments ” It’ Never Rains In Southern California”. 20 years ago, would have built more reservoir capacity to collect the abundant rains that California has always benefited from. The idiots continue to build homes and businesses, but completely ignored water infrastructure. And it is CLimate Change that is the problem?

      We have plenty of water. Unfortunately, we have plenty of idiots making decisions about water.

      Thanks for writing.

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