Climatology and Water! Embarrassment anyone?

For some time now, I have lamented the widely-held belief that man-made climate change was forever destroying the American West with drought. As a scientist, I maintain that believing man can either cause or heal such things is more bizarre than any Hollywood lampoon.tommyvmadscientist3

I have likewise maintained, and have been supported by historical data, that the American West has always been and always will be earmarked by periods of extreme drought followed by periods of plentiful rains. The real issue with California is not that the climate has changed, because the Earth always changes the climate, but rather that man has knowingly over-populated areas that he knew going in, had greatly fluctuating water cycles.

To show you just how impotent science can be, the climate change fetishists are now running around trying to minimize the El Nino that is bringing torrential rains to California by maintaining that “this may not completely relieve the drought situation”. Really? So if this storm event doesn’t completely eliminate the drought, that means that man-made climate-change is still on track? This is sheer stupidity on a few points;

climate science
Climate Change Scientist
  1. Climatologist models were not able to predict this massive rain system. So how smart are their models?
  2. Climatology likewise has no idea if there will be another El Nino next season. Talk about throwing a monkey wrench into their fetish?
  3. In the billions of years the Earth has been cycling, a 20-year drought cycle is not even a spot on the chart. While it is criticical to those of us living and overpopulating the land right now, to the Earth, a 20 year period is meaningless.

Have no fear! California, Nevada and the American West will always have water.

On a closing note, everyone knows the story about the great dust bowl. But do you know that the reason why this particular drought was such a massive tragedy was that for many years before, the Earth had been providing that area with plentiful rains? As such it produced great, abundant, fertile soil, and attracted an over-population of farmers wanting to partake of the bounty. Then, just like overpopulated California, when the Earth’s rain cycle changed, people were unprepared, and created their own apocalyptic fears.

The Earth does as it pleases. When we judge the present condition of the Earth but our immediate needs, we make fools of ourselves and of our science.