Here! Here! Water Beer!

I am not one to readily pay lip service to water technology companies, financiers and so-called water experts, because there are so many charlatans using water to get rich, or to otherwise benefit themselves that it can be hard to weed through all of it. However, if you happen to be having a beer in a tavern tonight, or perhaps bringing a 6 pack home, I must strongly recommend that you buy Stella Artois!

I understand that the beer is wonderful. That I cannot say as I don’t like beer. However, I can tell you that the company for sure is wonderful. They have teamed up with and arranged to donate profits from beer sales and chalice sales to help fund critically needed water services and infrastructure in places of the world where people are dying due to a lack of fresh drinking water and sanitary conditions. So far, they have donated $1.2 million to help ease the global water crisis. The financial need for water infrastructure is immense and governments alone just cannot solve this problem. I really admire Stella Artois for what they are doing. It is this kind of vision, compassion and generosity that makes the world a better place for those in need.  Bravo!