How Big Is The Water Jobs Market?

As I mention in the PDF I have attached, some colleagues of mine asked me that question as part of a project we are working on. Since this was not a new discussion to me I was well aware of the lack of any real water jobs number. No executive recruiter I ever met knew how big the market was, and no water organization I am aware of ever had numbers to describe it. In fact, not only does the Department Of Labor not have numbers to size this jobs market, in their various writings they even admit to not knowing what the description of a water job is.

To the average person, the phrase water job stirs up images of guys working at the local water treatment plant. Perhaps folks even think of the EPA guy or the professor at the local university who everyone goes to with local water questions. You might be surprised to find out that these job titles are but a minuscule dent in the actual, total water job market.

Because water is so highly technical, the average individual, even the politician, government worker, and activist and have no idea how immense the need for water skills are in our world.

With that said, I went about dissecting each individual sector of what might be considered a water job, or at least a job where water knowledge is crucial. If you are not a water professional and would like some eye opening information about just how important water knowledge can be to one’s career, by all means please read my report. If you like the Cliff’s Notes version I will tell you that very conservatively, even not considering jobs in Conservation, Aquariums, and a few other sectors, we can be sure that there are currently 1,424,000 water jobs in the US alone. That’s a lot of water!