Kim Jong Un Attacks World’s Water Supply

North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong UnI will never cease to be amazed at the wide array of things that threaten the world’s water supply. As if the threat from landfills, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, medical waste, industrial waste, smog, oil and grease from our roads, plastics, climate change, drought, and fracking are not enough threats to our water supplies, along comes North Korea and Kim Jong Un to add insult to injury.

On April 4th, 2017 the world watched anxiously as the chubby leader with a weird haircut commissioned his military to launch a test missile that the the world feared was designed to carry a nuclear warhead, as a weapon of mass destruction, against the US and UK. However, cameras don’t lie, and now we now have video evidence of his intentions.

The missile which the media called a failure, was actually a complete success. After it’s launch the wobbly KN-17 traveled a smokey course in the shape of a banana and crashed into the Sea Of Japan. Kim has been exposed. The rabbit is out of the hat. North Korea is planning to blow up the ocean.