Silicon Stupidity – Live Water

Certain “geniuses” in Silicon Valley have decided to forego local water treatment plants and have begin drinking raw water, and a nincompoop named Mukande Singh (Recently changed from Christopher Sanborn) has founded a company called “Live Water”, who reportedly provides for a mere $5 per gallon, raw, untreated water that is promoted to be safer and cleaner than city tap water.

Is it smart to drink water right from Mother Nature? Yeah, Hell Yeah! Sure!. As long as you enjoy harmful bacteria, remnants of feces and urine, pesticides, herbicides, gas and oil from our roads, landfill runoff, heavy metals, boogers, rotting garbage, dead animals, discarded pantyhose and boxer shorts, and God knows whatever else is dissolved by the trillions of rainwater that flows over our contaminated soil before settling in our lakes, rivers and streams.

Be forewarned, this idiot Mukande, if left free to pour his poison water, a lot of people are going to get sick. Very sick. As I have written before, the worst plagues of mankind have come from drinking raw, un-chlorinated water.


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