Water – Danger

I frequently call water the most dangerous substance in the human experience. People pooh-pooh my words and for sure, it is easy to minimize my warnings, open the tap, take a big gulp and reply to me, “ooh, look, I am drinking the most dangerous liquid in the universe”. Of course the citizens of Flint Michigan would more than likely take my side of this issue.

Stinking up our water supplies!

By now, landfills are infamous to just about everyone. We know they stink, we know they harbor a lot of nasty waste and while we don’t necessarily understand all of the science behind creating and maintaining these things, something in our gut tells us that landfills are not good for us or the environment. The big problem with landfills is that they cause the formation of toxic leachate. Leachate is…

Crazy Water Filtration You Never Knew About

During a conversation at Starbucks today, a polite lady announced that she couldn’t help by overhearing my conversation about water filtration, and asked me, “can you really use that to clean water” ? A light bulb went off and I thought this would be a cool idea for a blog post. So here are some water filtration tidbits that you may not have known.