Understanding Water Contaminants – Part 2

There are only two fundamental types of water contamination, and each of those types has two different classifications. Water contaminants must be either organic contaminants, or inorganic contaminants. In chemistry, the word “organic” signifies the carbon molecule. The word “inorganic” signifies the absence of carbon. Do not confuse the word organic in the science world, with improper use of the word in the food world. Scientifically, all food is organic.…

Boiling Water to make it safe – Part 4

In Part 3 we talked about the in’s and outs of boiling water to get rid of live organisms. The good news was, boiling kills living water organisms. The bad news, kind of, is that the dead stuff is still in your water, and unless you filter the boiled water, you are going to drink the dead stuff. But what about harmful chemical contaminants? What does boiling do to them?