Trump – Walking In A Water Wonderland!

Whether he knows it or not, and I am doing my part to make him aware of it, Donald Trump is sitting on the largest economic development bounty that America has experienced since the Industrial revolution. That bounty sits untapped amid America’s future need of fresh, bountiful water.

As I have mentioned before, has documented that for every $1 spent on water projects, $4 or more of new economic follow right along with it. Trump has already acknowledged his intent to rebuild our cities and focus on infrastructure. What better way to put America back to work than with meaningful water infrastructure?

The vital importance about water infrastructure that takes priority over things like bridges and roads is that water projects represent potential long-term projects that can provide jobs to many Americans for extended periods of times. In addition, as we face more water pollution and shortages, more than any infrastructure component, fresh water makes the differences of whether or not a community thrives or dies. In fact, water infrastructure presents those very same implications for all of humanity.

Water infrastructure opportunities abound. Some of them are immediate needs and some are critical long-term needs.It is the long-term needs that really represent untold opportunity. Sadly, they are the ones our leaders remain oblivious to. Here are just some of the places we need water infrastructure investment.

  • Many existing piping networks are aged contaminated and need replaced. (Flint, Michigan)
  • The Folsom Reservoir recently dumped 40% of it’s water to avoid flooding. California has enough water, drought is not a problem. California needs more storage; more reservoir
  • The Great Lakes can flood the USA 10 feet deep. A well-managed pipeline project from the Great Lakes to areas suffering from temporary water shortage would be a very humane and beneficial project.
  • Like it or not, just from the normal pollutants of humanity, our water sources will continue to become more contaminated. Our existing water treatment plants need to be upgraded to handle this unavoidable increase in contamination.
  • Areas that rely on groundwater but who also have available surface water must prepare with new treatment plants to utilize this surface water. Again, the normal contamination from growing civilization will inescapably continue to degrade both surface and ground water. Cities can protect themselves from future water woes by building alternative surface water treatment plants now.