Water Around The World !

I thought today that I would just take a random look at what is happening in the world of water.
A funny thought about theoretical Global Warming is that the University of  Southern Denmark has proposed that the increased melting of polar ice is causing the proliferation of new algae, which is in turn increasing the reproduction rates of many ocean species who all of a sudden have an abundance of food.

  • A new bacteria that was discovered by accident may dramatically lower the carbon footprint of many forms of water treatment. Comammox as it is called, can provide complete ammonia oxidizing thereby converting ammonia into nitrates. In wastewater treatment bacteria are used to convert toxic waste into harmless gas.Traditionally the ammonia in wastewater is oxidized by bacteria into nitrates, then a second bacteria oxidizes the nitrates into nitrites. Nitrates convert into nitrogen gas which can then be burned off very cleanly. The new bacteria shows signs of being able to convert this to a one-step process thereby saving electricity used in the flaming process.
  • Drought! Drought! Drought! California is drowning. The drought brought on by Global Warming was so severe that the Governor Jerry Brown ordered 40% of the water in the Folsom Reservoir, billions of gallons, to be dumped to prevent floods caused by the abundance of snow and rain that El Nino brought. After that, more abundant rains in California caused floods and reversed this supposed, irreversible drought. Wait, it gets better! Just recently, Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences announced that there is most likely three times as much groundwater in California than ever believed.

So scientists run around like chicken with no heads, predicting apocalypse after apocalypse and then, while faking statistics and manipulating data along comes Mother Earth to pee all over it.