Water Jackasses

Here we go again. Yet another uneducated report about water. Always we see it: the miles-long line of self-important, albeit well-meaning people wanting to lead the charge to ” SAVE OUR WATER”. Whether it be an individual, activist group, water-filter sales company or in this case a local media outlet. there is always some jackass talking about water while having absolutely no command of the facts.

I call these people water-grabbers because they are immediately, instantaneously quick to puff out their chest and publish the latest water story. Now, my use of the term jackass may seem harsh, but as you know, I am THE water doctor, so I have every reason, credential and right to be bullish on this topic.

What draws my wrath today is a story published by TV Channel 13, Fox Memphis who is warning Southaven, Ms. residents to boil their water. Now, I don’t have an issue with the station issuing a water warning. That is a very responsible thing to do. However, the total lack of support information to educate the consumer is in my mind, unconscionable.

What is the particular contaminant? What event caused it to be released into the drinking water? Is it something that has gotten into the water towers, or is it a temporary flow issue? Is the contaminant organic, inorganic, dissolved, undissolved, or colloidal? Do residents with a Reverse Osmosis system even need to be concerned? Do residents with filters on their faucets or refrigerators need to replace their filters? Is boiling the only treatment option available to the consumer? Is a test kit available to the consumer so that he can check for residual contamination after the problem has been fixed?

Also, the report says it is safe to shower in the water as long as you don’t swallow any of the water. Really? What if you have an open wound or skin affliction? What happens to the contaminants on your washcloth and towels? Will the contaminant be available on your skin that others may come into contact with it?

I will say it again, and also an additional million times; Water is the most dangerous substance to mankind. Our inescapable dependence on it renders us vitally susceptible to contamination. I guarantee you, if you were to go down the list of activists, reporters, purveyors of water filters, and local politicians active in water issues and ask them the simple question, ” what is your level of water experience”, the answer, in 99.9% of the cases would be, “none”.

Do you imagine we would take advice on our upcoming heart surgery from a city councilman or community organizer? Of course not, yet with unchecked gullibility and total lack of knowledge we look to these types of people for advice on the most precious resource we will ever put in our body.