Water Treatment – My Journey Continues – Happy Thanksgiving!

I have lamented that mega-companies like Siemens (Now Evoqua), GE and others have, for years floundered in a water treatment marketplace that booms, year-after-year, decade-after-decade, and will continue long out into the future.

Today, I met with ownership and contractors to lay out a new Water Is The New Gold 40 gpm RO system for a beverage industry client. As it turned out I was high bidder, and as it turned out my competitors were some of the same guys who cause mega-water entities to stagnate; the very same “geniuses” I once worked for and suffered countless hours listening to their corporate horse manure.

In addition to today’s success, I  also recieved confirmation for a new, 500 gpm build-own-operate system. Once again, Tommy V pimp-slaps the big guys.

How does this happen? How does a one-man operation like me walk all over the corporate giants? If you read my blog, you might get a glimpse of why I am still here and swinging for the bleachers.

Unlike many of the nincompoops running large water companies, I am not a money manager, or a numbers cruncher. My ass is not imprinted with the pattern of my office chair stitching. Instead, I have dirt, grease, chemicals, scars, and arthritis all over and about my hands.

My exposure to water treatment began out of college and for 5 years found me as a user, a customer, an operator of medical and dialysis water systems. Unlike the MBA water-clown, I had people, lives if you will, depending on me to master water systems. Early on in my career I realized that the water industry has nothing to do with brand names, profit margins, marketing strategies or any of the other bullsnot that has dragged so many mega-companies into failure and submission.

Water you see, is one of the most important, crucial, vital rights of humanity. Do you remember the movie City Slickers? Jack Palance’s character advised that life is about 1 thing. When you find what that 1 thing is, then you will find success.

Water you see is the same way. It is about one thing. It is about walking away from your customer having solved his problem. Among the most noble things I have ever done in my life are solving water problems for others. I am honored when someone asks me to solve their water problem, and I know of few things in life that are more important that helping others with water.

In my career I have pissed off a lot of bosses, trampled on egos and upset corporate apple carts galore. This means nothing to me because what is really important is that I have created a life-long network of friends and past customers who, without exception will tell you that I cared for their water.