901 X Water Technology – Helping The World’s Water

It has been awhile since I have written about our new Water Technology; the products we have labeled now as 901 Medias. Without getting too technical, we will soon be solving water problems with three products that we now call 901X, 901Y and 901Z, and we are excited to change the way water is treated globally.

While the legal and protection issues require us to keep things closer to the vest, we can say a few things as we excite the marketplace.

  • 901 Technology is 100% green. There is no water treatment technology like it.
  • 901 Technology weighs as little as 1/35 as much as competing technologies
  • 901 Technology removes toxic metals including Lead, Chromium, Silver, Nickel, Cadmium and more
  • Toxic Metals can be reclaimed once captured by 901 Technology without the harsh chemicals and high temperatures required by competing media
  • 901 Technology is produced at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies

Our medias have a home in drinking water, municipal water and waste systems, bringing clean water to poor nations, industrial process and waste-water treatment systems. Our product helps clean landfill leachate, reduce radio-activity,  provide opportunities for resource reclamation, and even can be used to make conventional technology like Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Chemical Treatment, Softening and Ion Exchange more efficient.

That’s about all I can share for now, but please stay tuned to the 901 hashtag and follow this blog to see the latest developments.

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