901X Water Technology Prepares For Launch

I am proud to announce that in the next few weeks my partner, Dr. Liuy Yu Lin from Christian Brothers University, and I will be unveiling and bringing to the marketplace our new, revolutionary 901X filtration technology. Our expectations are sky-high for this media, and in my 30+ years in the industry I have seen no filtration media that compares to it.

Our plan is to put on an industry event here in Memphis, invite potential water industry providers and investors, and formally unveil the details of this product. However, in the meantime, I want to provide a little teaser of some of the amazing features of 901X. Whether you are a water treatment provider, a concerned water citizen or an investor looking for opportunities to address the global water crisis, there is something of interest for you.


  • Cost of Raw Materials – 901X is manufactured from a universally available agricultural substance that is currently being disposed of. As such, not only will 901X provide the world with low-cost, sustainable treatment capabilities, but it will create a new, financially sustainable market for farmers.
  • Green, Sustainable Manufacturing – Unlike activated carbon, ion exchange resin, zeolites, and other filtration media, the conversion of raw material into end-user 901 product has an invisible environmental footprint. There is little energy required, there are no polluting chemical processes involved, and the manufacturing and transportation creates no hazardous conditions for workers and users.
  • Toxic Metals such as Chrome, Lead, Nickel, Copper and others are quickly removed. However, unlike ion exchange resin, 901X is not pH sensitive. Furthermore, the resin is oblivious to the hardness culprits that waste capacity on ion exchange resin. It works equally well on concentrated and dilute substances.
  • Removal Of Lead from household drinking water, coupled with extremely low cost offers sustainable water safety to consumers.
  • Light Weight and Low Density characteristics provide an efficient, low-cost modality to reclaim trapped metals. Recovery energy is 1/20th compared to ion exchange resin and zeolites.
  • Chlorine and Organics removal offers an alternative to costly granulated activated carbon.
  • Inert Filtration capability to lower the Silt Density Index of incoming feed water opens up new economies and efficiency for RO pretreatment.
  • Oil, Grease and Light Organic solvent affinity makes 901X ideal for environmental remediation and emergency hazardous waste clean up.

Have we piqued your interest? Please visit our website to learn more about 901X and see a demo of the product here

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