Another Look At Water Fanatics – The View From The Tennessee Clean Water Network

river-08I promise you that as much as we think we are good stewards of water. more often than not we miss the big, and important picture.

It is no secret that I have railed on, and exposed as irresponsible and inaccurate, the recent Sierra Club petition of TVA wells. One of my most important points that gets lost in the wash with these emotional activists is that there are far larger and more eminent dangers to our water. Instead of wasting the time. money and energy of government, attorneys and industry on personal vendettas, we ought to be focused on water issues where we really can make a difference; where the risk to our water is actually defined and ominous.

One such danger has been outlined beautifully by Rene Hoyos of the Tennessee Clean Water Network. In an article detailing the dangers of agricultural chemical runoff, she offers a statistic that should make your blood curdle.

– In Tennessee, a 2014 report notes that 3,375 stream miles and 15,692 acres of lake water are impaired as a result of nitrogen and/or phosphorus pollution –  

power-plant-5More chilling is that this statistic is up 70% from the year 2004. When we compare the tens of billions gallons that pass by in our rivers and streams each day, the lunacy of petitions against properly permitted and executed wells becomes evident.

You have witnessed the perversion of science from The Sierra Club, now behold some great science, accurate information, and proper activism for our precious water.


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