Another RO Sold and Delivered

Just another post of shameless self-promotion. But hey, it is my blog after all, and as Walt Whitman said, ” It isn’t bragging if you did it”.

So here ya go. A new system for a major chemical company. 90 ea. 8″ LG membranes, PLC controller with self-adjusting efficiency programmer, and ORP meter with a chemical injection system. The system will produce 400 gpm based on adequate feed water supply. We believe the unit will produce 1 megohm quality water and operate as high as 85% water efficiency.

We will be solving more water problems and placing even more equipment into the marketplace in the near future. Stay tuned. Once we get this bad boy installed, I will post pictures of the finished system.

The rest of the summer is looking pretty busy as well. Additional projects currently in-house or in-progress include:

  • 600 GPM Stainless Steel, Hot Water Sanitizable RO for the Bio-Pharm industry
  • Duplex 50 GPM exchange tank softener system
  • 120 ea. 8″ membrane cleaning
  • Two 20 GPM automatic Water Softeners
  • 1000 cubic ft. resin replacement and softener internal refurbishing

Not too shabby for a one-man operation, eh?

On a closing note, if your company needs helps with water purification / recycle issues, I’m the guy to call. Let me take a peek at your water system. I guarantee if you have a system from Siemens, Evoqua, GE, Nalco, Culligan of others, I guarantee a minimum 20% savings on service, parts and new equipment. If not, you won’t pay a penny for my services. I am a dinosaur killer1







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