Back To The Future – Another Anniversary

Science Helmet 3Never-mind the anniversary of the movie, but instead we should be celebrating a different kind of BTTF, and this is one of abundant water.

I am in Las Vegas this week, and the last time I was here, about 7 weeks ago, it rained a good deal. this week, it rained again, and yesterday while I was looking at some water problems in mines in the Eldorado Valley area, a deluge heaped upon me while I was passing through Oatman, Arizona. I actually had to hurry out there for fear of the roads out becoming flooded.If you have been paying attention to the news, Northern California has been clobbered with rain, and in addition, the El Nino we have touched on continues to mature and promises to bring a tremendous amount of water to the portion of the US that is suffering drought.

Vegas drought 1
The Look Of Drought in Las Vegas

Isn’t it amazing? For all the worry over climate change, global warming and the planet dying, just like a good burp after a cold beer, Mother Nature is about to spray water and heal those parts of her geography that really need it.

For the climatologist, this is a kick in the family jewels, for it is going to throw off all their predictions and graphs. Simply stated, if over a 100 year period you are claiming man has changed the climate and the drought is a prime example, but then in one-felled swoop that drought becomes tidal water flow, your science, as much of climatology is, gets exposed as science fiction.

The lesson? Scientists largely remain oblivious to science and nature. Instead of really looking at how the Earth delivers water in cycles, instead of knowing another El Nino come; and then, instead of preparing to salvage as much of natures bounty of water as possible for the future, the majority of climatologists have been mentally masturbating, promoting their personal agendas, trying to force their beliefs on a planet that has shown over and over again, that it will deliver all the fresh water man needs.

Instead of preparing based on what we know the Earth always does and always will do, we let our pomp and self importance convinces us that the planet needs us to survive.

Water Mountain ReflectionThe result? Instead of man being prepared to save and cherish every single drop of water mother nature is going to give to us, the scientific community again emerges as buffoons, leaving California
unprepared for what real scientists, always knew would come.

So come with me; Back to the Future. We are about to reset the drought clock back to the time of abundant water supplies.