BLK Water – More Water VooDoo

Are you familiar with a product called BLK water? It is a water that is actually black in color. Now THAT is one hell of a gimmick. Black colored water. The gimmick of BLK Water is that it is injected with minerals, phytochemicals, and blah, blah, blah that are of the categories of either Humic or Fulvic. Humic and Fulvic chemicals come from dead vegetation that has been trapped, compacted by the earth, and produced by way of the natural decomposition process of bacteria.

Since Ponce De Leon found his Fountain Of Youth, and even for centuries before, gullible people, the world over have been frantically searching for some type of water that is going to magically transform their life, health, longevity, energy, intelligence, and literally, make their life better. For some reason a great number of people believe that their water is bad, their food is bad, and the only way to find healthy water, is to what? Oh, yeah, find some idiots who take water and chemically alter it by adding all kinds of crap to it, and THEN….selling it a pure, natural and healthy.

How stupid do companies think are we?

Let me explain something; if water has anything added to it, it is no longer natural or pure. In addition, no matter where minerals come from, they are ALL natural. Our body has absolutely no way of deciphering where nutrients like calcium, iron, manganese, etc. come from. Furthermore, the finest laboratory instrumentation cannot decipher where a  single mineral came from. All minerals come from the Earth. That’s all there is to it.

BLK Water uses a lot of lofty words to extol the virtues and claims of its products but even admit on their own website that science has no description as to why these humic and fulvic minerals are superior to anything else.

Finally, this discussion about alkaline water is pure nonsense. As medicine tells us the pH of our stomach is 1.5 – 3.0. No matter how alkaline the water is that we ingest, those minerals we consume will be put into an acid environment immediately. The pH of the body is controlled largely by our kidneys. Nothing we ingest normally affects the pH of our body.

If you feel you need more minerals and vitamins? Eat a healthier diet and/or take a high-quality multi-vitamin. Water is water is water. Don’t waste your money on snake oil.