Boiling Water to make it safe – Part 2

Science tube boilBoiling is often confused with distilling, or distillation. Let’s hammer out the difference here in part 2. Distillation requires boiling, true enough, but it is not the water in the boiling pot, container or bowl that becomes distilled……

Instead, it is the steam that is the purified water. In a distillation apparatus a liquid is boiled, and then a collection tube, called a condenser, is used to collect the steam, sometimes the condenser tube has an outer compartment to run cool air or water through. This cooling brings the steam back down to a “condensing” temperature, the water runs down the tube, away from the boiling pot, and into another, clean collecting pot. The water in this pot is said to be distilled.

Distilled water thought by most of us to be the cleanest, most pure water on earth, but the truth is, while it is very clean water, and while it is virtually sterile/bacteria free, and while it is very safe for human consumption and even most medical procedures, many industries require water that is 10 times more pure than distilled water.

Now, boil those ideas for a bit. See you in part 3


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