Boiling Water to make it safe – Part 3

Okay, so in part 2 I kind of digressed into a conversation about distillation.I would like to return to distillation, but lets get back to boiling water for now, and I can finish my thoughts on distillation when we conclude this series. One of the things to think about when boiling water, is that in the case of bacteria, viruses, fungi or algae…….

After boiling your water, those contaminants are still going to be in your water, and you will drink them. They will be dead and unable to harm you, but nonetheless, if you have bacteria or some other toxic living organic matter in your water, boiling it is kind of like making a bacteria soup. Escherichia Coli Consume’ anyone? Yuck, eww, right?

So, am I suggesting that if the municipality tells you to boil your water to kill some living organisms, that you should not drink the water after boiling? No, I am not, but I am telling you, I personally would drink bottled water for a few days,  and flush out my pipes very well. But that’s just me.

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