Bottled Water Is Nothing More Than Tap Water, Right?

A frequent criticism I hear about bottled water is that bottled water is nothing more than tap water, or filtered tap water. Is this correct? Well, how about you guys answer this for yourselves?

It is true, Dasani, Aquafina, Nestle Water, and many other such brands do indeed start with tap water. From the tap it generally is treated with Activated Carbon, Mechanical Filtration, Softening, Reverse Osmosis, and then kept clean using a combination of UV, Ozone, and Microfiltration.

To the activist/malcontent/know-it-all who thinks this makes these products a farce, let me leave you with this.

Water For Injection (WFI, USP Purified) is the stuff that goes into IV solutions and drugs. All of it starts with tap water. The water is then mechanically processed to achieve the specification. Is that water a farce?

The high purity water required in the chrome plating of titanium artificial joints all starts with tap water, which is then filtered by multiple mechanical processes to achieve the required specification. Is this water a farce?

NEWSFLASH – The water used in medicine, industry, power generation, food, beverage and more all are “nothing more than filtered tap water.” The bottling companies put out great, safe, convenient water products that are far better, and far safer than simple tap water. All of these uses, and more take tap water and make it better/cleaner/purer.