Branding Memphis Water – Opportunities Galore!

I just came back from Bottled Watergetting spaghetti and meatballs at one of Memphis’s finest Italian eateries. As I sat waiting for my order, a couple next to me at the bar asked about what bottled water the establishment had. To my welcome surprise, the girl tending bar replied, “Memphis has the best water in the nation, and it is better than what you will get in a bottle”! WOW, I was impressed. However, immediately afterwards, the wife expressed doubt and asked the server to explain. After telling the couple that the water was clean, and pure, I could detect that the room was about to go silent so I injected myself, politely into the conversation.

Again, to my surprise the couple visiting from Boston, gave me their attention and welcomed my cheer-leading for Memphis water. After I talked about spot free rinsing, low carcinogenics, low detergent use, no aluminum polymers, etc., we wound up talking water for about 30 minutes. I even compared water analysis shortcomings about their own Boston water that they didn’t even know. At the end of the conversation both the bartender and the visitors thankedWater Bottled 1 (2) me, with the couple asking me where they could learn more, and where they could purchase Memphis Water.

Now, just think about all the places water is served in Memphis. Think about the people both residents, and visitors who don’t know what we have. Think about how much International goodwill a well-educated public could spread for the city of Memphis.

Memphis water is one of the most potentially-powerful, and least-known brands in the world!