Hello to all my loyal readers and fans. Over the past 2-years I have let out bits and pieces of the opening of Glanris, a company that I am a principal and founder of. It has actually taken 3-years to put everything together. Testing, patent work, more testing, customer trials, research, designing a plant, securing the right investment partners, securing a proper facility, getting it ready to fly, and of course ordering equipment, supplies, furniture, and on and on it goes. Whew! It has been a long, arduous process. I am happy to say however that on November 20, 2019 we will be holding a formal open house to introduce our company to the world. Until then, my partners, Bryan Eagle III and Doctor L Yu Lin, PhD will be at the buzz saw getting things ready.

The open house will be an RSVP, invite-only event but I am hoping a bunch of my colleagues and professional subscribers will join us. So, if you have some preliminary interest please drop me an email and we will be happy to oblige you.

Glanris has the capability to bring water to the places on Earth with the greatest scarcity. In our plans we will adapt our media to provide a home water filter offering greater security and safety than anything on the market. We have a unique ability to turn black water, municipal sludge, into a clear water that can be then turned into drinking water in a few easy, economical steps. Our media has not only demonstrated the ability to remove toxic metals such as lead, copper, chromium and zinc, but also to do it in hazardous wastewater conditions that render other technologies useless.

If you are a water doctor, as always, we have media available for you to test in your lab or at your customer site. We would love to hear of your challenges and applications.

As for the Grand Opening event, we will have free booze, food and demonstrations of how we convert rice husk into gold, as well as some cool visual demonstrations so you can see our stuff at work. Click below for some Drop Box Updates.