Home Humidifiers! RO Versus Soft Water

While Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a great purification staple, it does not remove all the solids (minerals, as some call them). On average it removes 99+% of divalent and trivalent ions (Calcium, Lead for example) and 98+ % of monovalent ions (Sodium, for example) If the RO is not fed softened water, and there is calcium in the feed water, then you will also have Calcium in the RO water,…

Sobering Facts Of Water Shortage

A good friend, colleague, and partner just returned from attending the CES Convention (electronics) in Las Vegas. Surprisingly, there was a session about water, to be specific, water shortages. I thought I would share some chilling facts about our precious water. I am going to let the facts speak for themselves. You guys can add your own conclusions.