Norwegian Cruise Line Ship, Joy – Joyous Water – Drink, Splash And Enjoy!

Over the years I have installed and visited many of the world’s most amazing water purification systems. St. Jude’s, Baxter, The US Army and Navy, Carnegie Mellon, TVA nuclear power plants, Frito Lay, Coke, Pepsi and many more. I can honestly say I have never been more impressed by a water system than I was with the water system and staff of the NCL ship Joy.

Germantown Water – Another Flint?

Recently, many residents in the city of Germantown, Tennessee complained that their water had a blue tint to it. Clearly, this is not normal and an alert appropriately went off. Bravo for the alert, but not for allowing the contamination in the first place. Blue tinted tap water can have one of just a few causes. The three most probable would be: Copper in the water Overdose of Potassium Permanganate…

Water, Dead Dogs, And Our Failure To Launch!

A terrible news story hit the Memphis area this past week that involved two poor dogs that got sick and lost their lives after swimming in a pond in nearby Shelby Farms. This enrages me. Not because that water is toxic and polluted, but because people continue to be simpletons when it comes to water.