Crazy Water Questions To End 2019

FINAL WATER QUESTIONS FOR 2019!   How fast does water freeze? – Water freezes instantaneously. The moment water reaches a temperature of 32° F the movement of the molecules slows down and water goes into the solid phase that we call ice. Some confuse this question with the one they really want to know which is, “how long will it take water to freeze in my ice box?”. The answer…

Congress Bathes Itself in Blood While California Burns!

Make no mistake, the U.S. Congress is the biggest enemy the American people will ever know. No nation, no terrorist group, no disease, no natural disaster and no climate event,  not even all of these things piled up together has inflicted more death, strife, pain and loss of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness, than the U.S. Congress. Congress is despicable!