Understanding Water Contaminants – Part 3

Let’s talk about the first category of water contaminants; Dissolved inorganics. If you remember from earlier posts, water is the universal solvent and given time, it will dissolve any substance. As water comes into contact with things and dissolves them, the water becomes contaminated. The most common dissolved inorganic substances are the minerals/salts that we see leaving spots on our dishes, cars and windows. Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Chlorides, Sulfates, Magnesium,…


QUESTION: What would happen if you stood in a kiddie pool full of water and dropped in an electrical cord with bare wires at the pool end, and that was plugged into and active 120 Volt wall socket at the other end? Boy is this one going “shock you” ! ANSWER: Actually, nothing would happen to you. No, really, nothing would happen to you.

Boiling water to make it safe – Part 6 – The Finale

I will be moving on to a series about water purity, and later on when I delve into distillation we will revisit a little bit about boiling water. I hope that you found this series entertaining. As always I cherish and invite any questions about water that pop into your brain. In the meantime, I will leave you with one final scientific fact and physical property about water.