Plastic! Green and Good for Earth.

Tom, are you bullshitting me? Surely, you are just saying this for shock value. There is no way plastic is good for the planet! Liberals, environmentalists, activists and other folks with no science background (This includes you satchel ass Ph D. types as well), sit back and let me teach you about the Earth, and what green actually consists of. Let me educate you about the environmental benefits of plastic.

Climate Change, Clean Renewable Energy, Masks, and Now Dark Matter

I can think of very little in life that pisses me off more than listening to someone with no scientific education explaining  the “scientific evidence” that supports their beliefs. Social Media, the Mainstream Media, and Liberals have combined to not only bastardize science, but literally to convince every day readers that they are now experts in it.

Outer Space – A Holding Cell For Morons

Billionaire Jeff Bezos blasted off in space today in his own rocket. A 10 minute exercise in mental masturbation and self-aggrandizement that served to do nothing other than inflate the ego of a pompous jackass. If we are being honest, the Apollo 11 moon landing, and really all the other NASA launches have not contributed anything to humanity. We found no life, discovered no new resources, and as a slap…