Fraud? Water Tricks? You tell me!

Recently, I saw a video on Facebook from a person identified as Cathy Thomas. In the video, the moderator demonstrated supposedly normal bottled water that they claimed was purchased at Walmart under the Trade name “Arrowhead Water”. In the video, seemingly normal bottled water is poured out and right before your very eyes changes physical state into something the moderator and a woman assistant call things like gel, and plastic-like.…

Cool, Clear Water Surfaces As Calling Card For Memphis Economic Development

California’s thirsty reservoirs may hold only a year’s worth of water and it took record-breaking rains and flooding this year to end drought in Texas. Yet in Memphis, artesian wells release from the underground Memphis Aquifer an average of 135 million gallons of water used a day, water so pure that experts say it can save millions of dollars in costs for various types of industries.