Climate Change Believers – Not Good News

It is no secret that I find Anthropocentric (Man Made) Climate Change (ACC) to be the biggest hoax since Orson Welles’ famous delivery of War Of The Worlds. Follow along with my blog and you can read indefatigable scientific reasoning why man cannot affect the planet in any manner.

To the dismay of many in the scientific community, I am also a Christian and a believer in the Creator. It is frustrating to many when I introduce God into scientific conversations. Mostly because not only can the Climate Change proponent not contradict my science, but also he is ineffective against God.

When it comes to water, the believer of ACC is a frenetic falling-sky character convinced that the current moment in time has widespread ramifications that demand human action. The Climate Change fan believes that the current drought situation is proof positive that the activities of man are depleting our water.

However, the level head of both Scripture and science both assure us that water is abundant, ample and that we will always have enough. In my 30 years of being a scientist, I have learned a couple wonderful, delicious pieces of scripture that everyone should hold to their heart.

In John 21:16 the men were frantic about not having fish to eat and sell.

He said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” So they cast it, and now they were not able to haul it in, because of the quantity of fish.

Now segue to the drought in California. Recently, California had accumulated so much rain from the El Nino that the Folsom Reservoir had to empty 40% of it’s accumulated fresh water in anticipation of snow-melt from the unexpected 2015 snow falls. Can you imagine that? These people are screaming for water, and the government throws 40% of it away because (wait for it)…..California has too much water.

But Wait, it gets better. As it turns out, California was hit with 5.7 trillion gallons of water in the form of snow, just in the month of January. How much snow/water is this? Well, if it all melted it would fill the great, vast Utah Salt Lake. Or, think of it this way, my hometown Memphis consumes 220 million gallons of water per day. This one-month California snowfall would supply Memphis water for 26,000 days. That’s roughly 71 years.

So let’s recap, shall we?

  1. The Laws of Science say we can never run out of Water
  2. Scripture says we can never run out of water
  3. One month snowfall reverses 10-year drought cycle
  4. California did not create the infrastructure required to capture and store any of this water to protect residents during the next drought cycle

And these are the warriors who are going to “Save The Planet?” People, trust me. There is no such thing as man-made climate change. While we must be better stewards of the Earth, the planet is in no danger. The planet is not running out of water, nor will it ever not have ample resources to sustain us.