Climate Change Versus Behavioral Change

I continue to follow what I consider to be one of the most sad and disappointing water situations in California. As we speak judges, environmentalists and farmers are in court battling whether the Federal Government has the right to pump water out of the California Delta and send it to farmers to the detriment of the fish population. Of course the Federal Government has this right, but this should not even be an issue. Read: WATERFIGHT

Why does California have to choose between wildlife and farmers? Make no mistake, in America, in the world you and I live in the only reason we ever need to choose between commerce and the environment is because of our failure to understand and plan for our water needs, and not because of the weather, or climate change.

Examine page 2 of the CNAP REPORT at the chart showing annual rainfall. You will see that the during the period 1900 – 1935, California had far less rainfall than it has the past 30 years. Furthermore, if you examine the latest USGS DROUGHT MONITOR you will see that the State is not really experiencing unusual drought conditions. As a side note, remember that the supposedly rising ocean is immediately near by.

Consider also that each and every year California must send billions of gallons of fresh rains and snow-melt water down the drain because it has nowhere to hold that water, and would otherwise experience flooding. Read: CALIFORNIA THROWS AWAY WATER.

The Lake Mead/Boulder Damn project remains the largest and greatest water project in history. It was created out of vision and hope. California’s entire water struggles could be eliminated by just a smidgen amount of that kind of forward thinking. Build reservoirs, California has plenty of water!

Instead, we waste time and money in court, pit farmers, residents and environmentalists against each other, and blame climate change for our own neglect of water. At some point, we must begin addressing water from the perspective that everyone who needs water will have it. Water should not be at the center of our foolish tugs-of-war.