Climatology Snafu Of The Week

 Al Gore – Climate Expert

A university Ph. D / Climatologist today entered into our debate that the Earth is overpopulated and cannot handle the mess we are making. As with too many university professors,  his ass has been glued to a desk for so long that he can’t even use basic science and arithmetic to see just how flawed his theory is.

Crowded Earth? Really? Okay, let’s do the Arithmetic. (Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction are NOT Mathematics, they are the basics of Arithmetic. Calculus and DIfferential Equations are examples of Mathematics). But I digress, let’s consider just how crowded the Earth really is.

Surface Area of Earth  196.9 million square feet

Current Population on Earth 7.64 billion people

Current Population Density- 1 human per 716,474 square feet (You do the Arithmetic, it is 5th grade level)

An acre is 43,560 square feet. So, again, using ARITHMETIC, we learn that there is enough space on Earth so that every human being could have 16.44 acres to themselves (716,474 sq. ft.÷ 43,569 sq. ft./acre = 16.44 acres).

This also translates 66 acres for every family of 4. Overpopulated? Are we to believe that 66 acres of land cannot support and handle the waste generated by 4 humans? This is silliness. Man does not occupy enough space on Earth to change it in any way. We cannot affect the weather, and we sure as hell can’t affect climate. It is the believer of Anthropogenic Climate Change who is the denier of science.

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