Congress Bathes Itself in Blood While California Burns!

Make no mistake, the U.S. Congress is the biggest enemy the American people will ever know. No nation, no terrorist group, no disease, no natural disaster and no climate event,  not even all of these things piled up together has inflicted more death, strife, pain and loss of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness, than the U.S. Congress. Congress is despicable!

Now, for those of you who think I am being overly dramatic, I submit for your examination the State of California. Over the last bunch of decades literally hundreds of millions of acres of precious land has burned to the ground. Along with it, we have suffered lost property, pets, human lives, and financial devastation far beyond any attack on man. And yet, as this happens without fail, year-after-year, this miserable government of ours continues to do nothing to protect Californians, our land, and our belongings.

The facts are heart breaking.

  • It costs only $1 million to build 1 mile of pipeline from the ocean to the California mainland
  • The current Gross Domestic Product of California is $27 trillion per year.
  • For students who can’t do arithmetic (It’s NOT math, it’s arithmetic), that’s, 27 million miles worth of pipeline.
  • Water pipeline breaks present no meaningful environmental threat to our lands
  • California suffered over $3.5 billion in property loss just in 2018. (That’s 3,500 miles worth of water pipeline)

If California would have initiated installing pressurized water pipelines even as little as 10 years ago, it is reasonable to say that by 2019, not one single acre, home, tree or life would be at risk to forest fires. Even if the hoax of Anthropogenic Climate Change was real (which it isn’t), good water planning still would have kept California safe from burning.

Congress is useless. It is a pestilence cast upon America, a group of the lowest intellectual denominator of our nation, and the worst enemy man has ever faced. Hey, why build pipelines to transport millions of gallons per minute when we can fly a gas-guzzling helicopter and drop a few thousand gallons on the fire every 30 minutes? And we think this is not a fault of government? We think this is some evil climate horror that has crept up on us? Really? Are we really that much of simpletons?


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