Contrails! More Science Fiction!

For the individual who is only half looney, that is, the one who understands that jet contrails are mostly ice, yet still believes they are hurting the planet by moisturizing the atmosphere, causing rain, and even changing the climate, this article is for you. Science; just to ruin another apocalypse and piss off yet another cult.

  • All the contrails in the world only cover 1/10 of one percent of our atmosphere. That is to say 1/1000th of our atmosphere.
  • Only 16% of our atmosphere has the right conditions to form sustainable and growing contrail ice clouds. Of that 16%, most of it has little, even no jets flying into it.
  • The amount of moisture put into the atmosphere by jet contrails is less than 1/10,000 of a percent of the moisture put into the atmosphere from the evaporation from lakes, oceans, streams, pools, car washes, lawn sprinklers, municipal reservoirs, and our own perspiration.

Finally, (this one really will confound the contrail apocalypse aficionado) as we speak roughly 25% of mankind is in danger of having no fresh water. Now, if you had a technology that could bring rainfall to these drought cursed areas, can you imagine how wealthy and loved you would become for bringing it to the public? Now, consider the oil companies, who most environmental activists believe are only motivated by profit. If the oil companies could solve the world water crisis by bringing jet engines to burn fossil fuels, make more contrails thereby making more rain clouds, thereby making more rain and ending drought, don’t you think they would be the first ones coming forward?

Into the bucket of stupid notions and idiotic theories, along with Bigfoot, Life on other planets and man-made climate change, please deposit the theory of contrails as an environmental threat.