Copper, Contamination and Covid-19

In the frantic world we have been living in people are looking for answers; for safety’ security; for ways to prevent and avoid contracting things like the Corona virus. One of the most widespread suggestions that I see people writing about is copper. Since copper is known to inhibit the growth and even kill bacteria and viruses, many have pondered that we all switch to copper water fixtures and doorknobs so that whatever we drink and touch will be clean and free of germs. Sounds sensible, yes?

Ah, no!

While copper will kill bacteria, it will also kill your brain cells, blood and organs. In micro-levels our bodies need copper, but at the levels it would take to kill germs, it will also kill us. Additionally, copper oxidizes when exposed to air and water. For this reason copper fixtures are actually passivated and coated with things like clear coat enamel, or even rust inhibitors like chromium. So you aren’t going to get enough copper ions off of modern day products to kill anything. Please, keep washing your hands.

When it comes to water, the same thing applies. Much of our current water infrastructure utilizes copper pipes and I can assure you that if the water system is operating properly, the amount of copper leaching into our tap water is next to nothing. Also remember, only the outside of the water stream touched the inside of a copper pipe, the majority of the water we drink doesn’t ever touch the inner walls of the pipe.