Crazy Water Questions To End 2019



  • How fast does water freeze? – Water freezes instantaneously. The moment water reaches a temperature of 32° F the movement of the molecules slows down and water goes into the solid phase that we call ice. Some confuse this question with the one they really want to know which is, “how long will it take water to freeze in my ice box?”. The answer to this question is different than asking how fast water freezes. This question is actually one of, “how long will it take water to reach freezing temperature in my ice box?” This answer you see, depends on how much water you are chilling, how insulated the container is, what is the temperature of the ice box and what are the dimensions of the container. The efficiency of your chilling system has nothing to do with how fast water freezes. See the difference?
  • Why do desalinization plants put the separated salt back into the ocean? – The answer is that the ocean is the best place for it. First off the amount of water in our oceans is beyond comprehension, so the amount of salt we are putting back is minuscule. Add to that the uncounted gallons of fresh rainwater that fall into the ocean and one quickly sees that once again, the Earth doesn’t care what man does, and as always, regulates itself. In this case, nature dilutes the salt from desalinization plants. Finally, salt is toxic to many plants, animals and crops. Since rain will dissolve salt and carry it into our lakes, rivers and streams, and since we already have an abundance of salt for our needs, it makes no sense to store this salt on the land.
  • Does drinking bottled or purified water detract from our nutritional needs? No, not in any way. First off, our bodies have never, and will never derive a significant amount of mineral nutrition from water. Our bodies need water to carry on metabolic and life functions. There is not enough concentration of minerals, compounded by the fact that we simply don’t drink that much water in a day to consume a meaningful amount of minerals from water. We eat for nutrition, we drink for metabolic benefit. Finally, purified bottled water such as Aquafina or Dasani is not mineral depleted. For taste, after being purified, water bottlers add about 60 mg/l of healthy minerals.