Dangerous Water !

Skull Bonehead (2)In my E-book  -Water- I call water a dangerous substance that can literally be deadly in the wrong hands. Case in point examine what happened in Flint Michigan. The city of Flint switched from Lake Huron Water to a local river water. The chemistry of these two waters is so vastly different than residents had been exposed to lead poisoning and other harmful contaminants.

I can say this over and over until I am blue in the face, but if you know what’s good for you; if you love your children, family and friends, you need to quit posting so much crap about your vacations, dogs and grandchildren on social media, and educate yourself  in chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. Your life may one day depend on it.

My loved ones? Trust me, they won’t ever be poisoned by water, and water is one of the biggest health risks you will ever face.

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