Deadly Contamination! Stop Messing With Your Water.

A common theme in my writing is that water is a dynamic substance that does not like to relax. Contamination is the only natural state for water. For any person that is not a water-savvy scientist or engineer, I always advise against the installation of a whole-house water system because this equipment changes the composition and behavior of water, thereby creating new conditions that the average homeowner simply does not have the know-how to deal with.

But it isn’t just the homeowner at risk to the dangers caused by a change of water chemistry. Even those who should know better are often fooled by the ever-changing nature of water. Not to beat a dead horse, but we saw the horror a change in water chemistry can bring in Flint Michigan. Sadly, even with tragedies like this we still fail to understand the dynamic properties of water.

Case in point; As we speak every beach in Mississippi is closed due to rampant toxic algae blooms. How did this happen? It happened because someone made the decision to change the properties of water in the Mississippi Gulf. To protect New Orleans from possible flooding caused by large rainfall, authorities chose to dump water from the Mississippi River by opening the Bonnett Carre Spillway.

Unfortunately, this water was rich in fertilizer and other contaminants not natural to the Mississippi Gulf water. Voila! Toxic Algae blooms and all Mississippi beaches have to be shut down.

Again, this illuminates another issue I have with our water management policies. If America had a proper National Water Plan in place we would have built the proper storage and redirecting infrastructure to protect both New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf. Instead, we rob Peter to Pay Paul and wind up even worse off.