Do People Have A Right To Safe Drinking Water?

This is always a hot topic. Here are my thoughts. What do you think?

This question is one debated wherever water is spoken. Man’s critical need for fresh drinking water makes this topic so passionate that governments and land owners wage wars over it. My answer is likely to anger the activist type thinker, but here it goes.

There is no right for anyone to be the recipient of potable water. Communities take it upon themselves to build treatment plants and distribution networks, but this is done to further economic development and quality of life. There is no legal call that any entity must provide potable water. We do these things voluntarily.

Furthermore, property rights are clearly spelled out, and the right of a landowner to put a fence around his well, trumps an individuals right to march up to the well and drink water from it.

On the flip side, we each have the right to seek out potable water, but this is a horse of a different color. For there to be a right to potable water there would have to be some sort of law, requirement or directive that assigns responsibility to providing this water.

Water is a human necessity. it is normal for man to ache for those who don’t have it. I cold not imagine living in a world where potable water was not abundant. However, there is no right to safe drinking water. I believe we have a moral responsibility to provide it wherever we can. If we accept that responsibility, then the ambiguous talk of a right to potable water can go away.

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