Electric Vehicles – Why Lie?

There is a terrible culture in the world today that if one does not embrace whole-heartedly what government and media disseminates about the environment, it indicates ignorance of science and a careless attitude toward the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, if you really do care about the future, and about our planet, then you must be able to defend your positions with more than just, “the government says this”, or CNN says that.

Always remember, science is not driven by majority, and it is not a slave to people with high profile government and media positions. Case in point, if you believe that Electric Vehicles are the future and will help the environment in any significant manner, then you are a victim of foolery and lies. The links below my video message illustrate succinctly that the apocalyptic promises of electric vehicles are already well known to the very people ramrodding the technology down our throats. It is political agenda, hatred of the fossil fuel industry, and opportunistic profit taking, not the environment, that drives this flawed technology.


Lithium extraction destroys soil structure, pollutes the air and contaminates water

The Earth will face lithium shortages by 2025

Children laborers will face devastating health consequences from lithium and cobalt contamination

Tesla Berlin threatens to leave the entire region without drinking water.


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