EPA – Attacking Our Health

DANGER - EVILThe EPA has been a political ping pong ball for years. Democrats unilaterally support the organization, and Republicans do a good job of attacking it. To all our detriment the polarization of this conversation robs all of us of scientific truth that can actually enhance our health and very mortality rate.

Criticizing the EPA in no way means that one is against environmental responsibility. The EPA is a governmental organization, and nothing more. It is neither righteous nor evil, and it certainly does not come with an irrefutable clause that prevents it from ever being challenged. The EPA does a lot of good things, but it is also in many cases grossly irresponsible. Protecting us from water issues is one area that the EPA continues to fail us miserably, and continues to jeopardize our health.


Reading the article linked below will surely enrage you. It not only tells the story of another community, like Flint, Michigan in which lead is leaching into the drinking water of residents, but also it documents that the EPA is aware of 1,400 other municipalities which supply their residents with poisoned water.

Isn’t the purpose of the EPA to protect us from things like this? Yet, they knowingly ignore the poisoning of countless men, women and children? How can this be?

Recently the EPA released  3 millions of gallons of toxic waste water into the Animus River in Colorado, and suffered no consequences. Can you imagine if Exxon had done this? Add to this poor performance record is the EPA wasting millions of dollars shutting down the coal and incandescent light industry, while battling the phantom called Climate Change.

Do you see how perverted our relationship with the EPA has become? Do you see how dangerous it has become? Rather than waste money on theories, the EPA needs to get its own house in order and start using its resources on projects than can help people. What good are EPA standards if 1,400 non-compliant water systems continue to operate?


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