EPA Contradicts Anthropogenic Climate Change – Then Hedges

Al Gore – Imbecile

If you don’t yet have me on record, let me again teach, educate and in the case of the university climatologist, bring you back into the real world.

Man cannot affect the climate of the Earth. We do not occupy enough space to generate enough pollutants to overcome the natural self-propagating properties of the planet. Yes, if you live in NYC you are drowning in trash and pollution, but if you live the other 99% of our planet, it is mostly pristine and uninhabited.

You can go ahead and do your own arithmetic, but if you took all of humanity, gave everyone a 12′ x 15′ apartment, you could put us all in the State of Florida. Only an imbecile believes that such a small population could poison and overwhelm our vast and immense planet.

Let me be clear, if you believe in Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC) you are an imbecile. Al Gore is the head imbecile and you are his imbecile student. I cannot imagine what degree you received from the college of imbeciles, but congratulations.

Do not dare dismiss me with your accusation of my being a denier. I am, more than words can describe, a lover of the environment, and a protector of all creation. I have spent my career solving environmental problems out in the environment. I have great respect for those with dirt under their fingernails.

However, to me, the writing of papers and performing government-paid studies does not count as helping the environment, for most of this university perversion is self-important agenda and not science. It is imbecility. Demonstrate to us how you have physically helped the world. Otherwise, put on a dunce hat and go sit in the corner.

Now, I know that there a lot of tree hugger types who read me, but environmental activists are often at odds with me. Frankly, I have had my fill of their apocalyptic nonsense. The greatest scientific textbooks of our time describe the indestructible nature of the Bios. University imbeciles know this, but they cannot obtain grant money for teaching this. Therefore they create apocalyptic bullschnitzle like ACC.

So now to my point.

Basic science tells us that the Earth cannot warm to any great extent. Why? Well, as the temperature rises, more water evaporates, as more water evaporates more rain falls from the sky, as more rain falls from the sky the Earth cools.

Do the imbeciles know this? Of course they do. The PDF I am providing below comes to us from our very own EPA  Please click on the orange link and read how the organization agrees with me that the Earth is self cooling.

Then read how they try to cover their own backside by maintaining that different climates, temperatures, and rainfall in different parts of the world are proof that ACC is real. Do you see how perverted these imbeciles are? The EPA now wants us to believe that the reason California is hot and dry, while Alaska is cold and snowy, is because of climate change.


For sure I have riled up many ACC imbeciles, so I might as well go ahead and finish the job.

As a Christian, I have never once encountered a situation in which Scripture, God’s Word, is contradicted by science. Let me be clear; if you are a scientist, then you are in concert with the Creator. If you are not in concert with the Creator, then you are a science fictionalist, or, in my words, an imbecile. The tenets of science give us countless Laws that demonstrate man cannot destroy the planet, and he cannot destroy himself. The Bible likewise long before modern science books were written told us the same exact thing.

Psalm 104:5: “Thou didst fix the earth on its foundation so that it never can be shaken.”

Imbeciles are now dismissed.



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