Nothing pisses me off more than people who capitalize on making false claims about water products. The general public grows increasingly concerned about the safety of water but unfortunately, have little orthodox education about this wonderful liquid. As a result, we have a perfect storm for opportunistic charlatans to sell snake-oil to unsuspecting health seekers.

ESSENTIA ALKALINE WATER  is one such product. I came across it at a grocery store today and have been angered ever since. You should be, too.

Let me be clear. Regarding the safety of the product. There is absolutely nothing unsafe or unsavory about ESSENTIA. It is well-made, very tasty (yes, I purchased a bottle), This, I have no issue with. What I DO have issue with follows.

The bottle claims that the water is so pure, pH paper (indicators) will not work on the water. First off, it is absolutely true that pH indicator paper does not work on pure water. However, If alkalinity elements are added to the water, or even naturally present in the water, then the water is contaminated, and it is not pure. So which part of the label is true? Is the water pure, or does it have alkalinity contaminants in it?

Like Aquafina, Dasani and many other bottled drinking waters, ESSENTIA takes local potable water (tap, well or spring) and passes it through a purification process involving a Reverse Osmosis Machine. Then, just like all the other waters, they add ions, (minerals, metals, salts, whatever you choose to call them, it’s all the same) to make the water taste good, and also to add claimed magical health benefits.

The main claim of ESSENTIA is that dehydrated people who drink ESSENTIA become rehydrated faster than those who drank other bottled waters.  As I understand it, they did a blind study of two different groups of 50 people, and then measured some blood parameters to gauge rehydration in the two groups of people

This study seems to me to be flawed. To be scientifically valid the study would have to evaluate and compare the rehydration of all the participants. First with the “other” bottled water, and then with ESSENTIA. As I understand it, the results in group A were compared with the results in Group B. Human beings are not identical, so this isn’t valid. Also, what is the other “brand” of bottled water? How does the hydration of these people compare with tap water hydration?

Finally, to any of you who extoll virtues of alkaline water, please answer me the following questions, and please forgive me for bringing anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry to this discussion. The pH of the human stomach ranges from as low as 1.5 to 3.0. Regardless of what we eat or drink, the pH range in the stomach remains in that range. Given that, how in the name of God and science would the human body recognize the difference in the water we drink?

The answer? It can’t, and doesn’t. Our bodies absorb water as it is needed. This Alkaline water craze is a bunch of manure. As soon as a person ingests water, any water,, it is mixed in with all the other undigested food, minerals and organics already sloshing around in the gut. I promise you, the minerals in any water, get lost in the mix. It is like adding 5 people to a crowd of 250,000.

Now, if you like the taste of ESSENTIA or any other bottled water, by all means, waste your money and enjoy. If however, you believe this water is benefitting your health over other water? Then you are a sucker.


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