Flint Michigan; An Abomination Continues!

I have maintained for a while now that the entire course of proceedings in Flint, Michigan has been despicable, misleading and still today, a threat to the health and very lives of all who consume Flint water. Make no mistake, the only way that people of Flint can be presented with totally safe water is for every inch of pipe, valve, and fitting, lead, plastic, copper or otherwise to be replaced. I have provided a link at the end of this article that explains why nothing less than total infrastructure replacement is acceptable.

In today’s news, however, we learn that the State Attorney General has dropped all charges against those involved with this fiasco. While this seems bizarre the explanation seems to be that the new AG feels that the investigation entered into by the old AG was lax and lenient to the point of letting involved parties get off scot-free.

What was allowed to happen to the people of Flint was both criminal and unforgivable. Even a first-year newbie water plant operator knows about the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) and what acidic water to do to the population. this entire event was criminally negligent and the legal ramifications must be widespread and far-reaching if justice is what we seek. The Detroit AG has a great opportunity to send a strong message across the nation about how critical the care of our drinking water is.


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