Fun With Feces In Memphis Water

If you have spent any time at all reading me, you know that I have maintained that the biggest threat to our water resources consists of our antiquated water and waste-water treatment facilities, poorly trained operators, and our imbecile elected officials. So enter Memphis, announcing that due to mechanical failure, loss of electrical power, and high water levels in the Mississippi River, one of the local sewage treatment plants was compromised and for 5 – 7 days raw sewage would be pumped into the Mississippi River.

Local engineers and treatment specialists agreed that while not ideal, this was the best possible solution for the time being. Can you imagine being one of the cities down-river who uses the Mississippi for a drinking water supply? The questions that must be asked include:

  • Doesn’t the Mississippi River rise every spring? How is this still a problem? What investments have been planned to isolate the treatment plant from future rising water levels?
  • Why aren’t our sewage plants isolated from possibly power outages
  • Is there investment in place to repair the aging pipes, which by the way, officials have acknowledged as being suspect?

In this, officials in my hometown are as oblivious to water security as were/are their counterparts in Flint, Michigan. For reasons unknown to me the people with the least qualifications are always the ones getting the most political and media attention when it comes to our water resources.

It is evident to me, and it should be to you as well; we the consumer must begin accepting more personal responsibility for the security of the water we drink. Reports of municipal water resource failures are becoming more common each and every day. What are YOU doing to secure your water?





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