Getting Back To Water – Reader Questions

Readers have been busy sending me questions, and I have taken a sidetrack with all this fake pandemic. But, I said my piece so now let’s get back to some water questions.


This is not an easy question to answer because there is too much anecdotal information to assess, and too little technical information available to do a truly scientific analysis. Add to that, how do we define cleanest? Aquafina for instance are far less electrolytes in it than the worlds best natural springs, yet many would be mad if I rated the bottled water cleaner than one of these “Fountains Of Youth”. So let’s look at a few variable arguments.

USA – In terms of total gallons consumed versus contamination problems, no nation provides as much clean water to as many people as America. At the same time, when you add episodes such as what happened in Flint, Michigan, some people will argue against the USA as water king.

Switzerland – This nation is blessed with high individual income, low violence and low civil disobedience. They are also blessed with springs, mountain ice melt, low pollution and the ability to use the absolute latest purifying technology in their water plants. They don’t use fluoride or chlorine, and as such get a lot of votes for the world’s best water.

Singapore – Oddly, as highly populated as Singapore is,  they do a remarkable job of providing safe, clean drinking water to the citizen.

New Zealand, –  Like Switzerland benefits from glacier melt, low population density and an overall citizen commitment to clean drinking water.

Canada – One of the worst places when it comes to clean drinking water. Within the major city walls, Canadian water is clean and safe. However, get out into the bush, into small rural areas and some of the water is downright dangerous.

Mexico – I drink the water. At least in the bigger cities and tourist traps I do. It is among the best. Rumors about don’t drink the water are largely idiotic. When you are sitting by the beach watching countless Mexicans laughing, dancing and singing, ask yourself, “how can they drink bad water and not all be sick? If Americans are getting sick in Mexico, I think booze, Pot and lack of sleep are more likely to blame, that is the water.

So there you have it. I brief blurb about who has the cleanest water.