Glanris Brings Green Solutions To Metal Finishers

There is no more vital industry to civilization that the metal finishing industry. Whether it is the shiny finish on your tools, silverware, keys, car, furniture or computer, or the finish on an orthopedic replacement joint, or the electrical components inside of solar panels, cell phones and all electrical goods, you can thank the metal finishing industry for providing it to you.

Often known as plating, electropolishing or electrodeposition this process is involved in virtually every product of our modern lives. As wonderful as this technology is however, these processes present an environmental threat in the form of hazardous metals such as zinc, copper, lead, germanium, lead, cadmium, chromium and more.

The Problem: In manufacturing these metals wind up in rinse water and must be removed before the water can be sent to the drain or to reuse. One of the ways this is done currently is through portable service tanks that the customer must ship to a hazardous waste facility to be rejuvenated. The downside is that the customer is charged for producing liquid hazardous weight, the tank service itself is quite expensive, and the resin used to trap the metals is a fossil fuel based plastic. In addition, the transportation of toxic liquified resin represents an environmental risk should a transportation accident occur.

The Solution: Glanris metals removal block filter cartridges. The Glanris cartridge is placed in a canister, metals are removed and then when exhausted the old filters are removed, allowed to dry while a new set of filters is installed.

The Advantages:

  • A Glanris filter set costs a fraction of what a portable ion-exchange tank costs
  • Liquid Waste is eliminated
  • The lightweight, dry, exhausted Glanris filter dramatically reduces plant cost for waste disposal as the filters are a solid
  • The metals trapped on the Glanris Filter can easily be easily reclaimed and reused. In certain cases making them a sellable by product to the reclaimer.

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